Bria Communities Inc.

The Wexford: A Sister Community

Centrally located at the Northern approach to Tsawwassen, The Wexford is a Bria Communities residence offering a premium and vibrant living experience for seniors, with expansive views and a focus on community. Backyard Creative was hired to design The Wexford’s branding. Our primary objective was to create a brand that would align harmoniously with the design of the Bria Communities brand family as well as with The Waterford brand, The Wexford’s sister residence.

The Bria Communities residence logos were inspired by underlying themes of nature and craft, which visually unite the Bria family. Backyard Creative designed a look and feel for The Wexford that extended the Bria brand family and visually and symbolically aligned with the Waterford, a brand we recently redesigned. As a symbol of friendship and good fortune, the logo for The Wexford effortlessly expresses a union between a traditional Irish friendship knot and the lucky clover. The colour green suggests harmony with nature, while the symbol’s geometric balance evokes a sense prosperity and wellbeing.

Backyard Creative delivered an easy-to-use brand asset package with graphic standards, to facilitate the development of all branded collateral for The Wexford over time by the in-house marketing team.

Creative Direction & Design: Lisa Hemingway // Project Management: Julie Madden // Production Design: Grace Cheng