Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA)

A shiny new look for Electric Vehicle Association

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The Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association’s (VEVA) mission is to promote and develop a general interest in the use of electric vehicle transportation as an alternative to the internal combustion engine. VEVA is a volunteer-run organization whose members are passionate advocates for electric vehicles (EVs).

Backyard Creative worked with VEVA’s new board to revitalize the organization’s brand, create a professional look and improve brand awareness while attracting a broader audience. Our scope of work included creating a new VEVA website to educate the public and promote EVs as a viable transportation option. The organization had been using various logos and the VEVA brand lacked visual cohesion, which is often the case with volunteer-led groups. We focused on creating an easy-to-use brand asset package to avoid brand confusion. Targeting Gen-Y consumers and EV-enthusiasts alike, the new VEVA logo was created to feel forward-looking, friendly and refined, while maintaining a little “nerdy” edge. Our aim was to get people excited about the future, especially a future with EVs on the road!

The VEVA website was developed by the organization, since it was important to board members that they be able to update, change and alter their website template as their needs shift in the next few years. We worked directly with their internal team to provide clear graphic standards, graphic assets, illustrations and guidance on the website’s information architecture, using an existing premium responsive WordPress template. VEVA is using its fresh brand materials, actively managing its new website, and refining its message to get people excited about driving EVs.


Project Management & Art Direction: Lisa Hemingway // Lead Design & Production: Grace Cheng // Illustration: Lisa Hemingway