Trailmark Systems Inc.

Gather, record and mobilize with data

Trailmark Systems empowers communities to protect their lands and traditions through ground-breaking participatory research services, and powerful digital tools to record traditional knowledge, land use and environmental monitoring data. Trailmark consults with progressive companies who are also committed to respectful dialogue with our First Nations, Métis, and Inuit neighbours. They’ve developed (and sell) digital tools to “Connect and share local knowledge to protect and manage what matters most”.

As a relatively new start-up, with a collaborative mindset, Trailmark enlisted the support of Backyard Creative to first audit their current communications and make recommendations and then redesign their brand, setting the stage to direct communications materials to be developed in house by their growing team.

The Trailmark logo focuses on the idea of connecting many data points to create a path, a story and meaning. A feather can be symbolic of powerful communication with the spiritual world and can be interpreted in many positive ways cross-culturally. Showing forward motion, the Trailmark logo helps guide the way while protecting what matters most.

Creative Direction & Design: Lisa Hemingway // Production Design: Jess Reid // Strategic Support: Madelen Ortega

Trailmark Systems