Shopping local has impressive economic impacts

LOCO BC is a growing alliance of local companies working to strengthen communities, grow the local economy and build strong, sustainable businesses. Well aligned with our values, Backyard Creative has been a member of LOCO BC since its inception in 2009, so we’re always keen to help communicate the value of buying local.

Building on the infographics we designed for LOCO BC in 2013, we created more sharable graphics this year, to highlight key facts from their most recent study. The data shows that local businesses create 4.6 times more local impact compared to multinational companies — a pretty compelling reason to shop local. LOCO BC notes that if everyone shifted just 10 per cent of their spending to a local business, or purchased a locally grown or made product, we’d generate more than 14,000 jobs and keep $4.3 billion in the BC economy. Local businesses recirculate $63 out of every $100 spent back into the local economy (compared to only $14 by multinationals!) We were inspired to help make sense of these numbers to support the promotion of our client’s study.

Learn more about local impacts or become a member of LOCO BC.

Design & Layout: Lisa Hemingway