Bria Communities

Reimagining the Magnolia Flower

Backyard Creative worked with Bria Communities, a family of independent living residences for seniors, to rebrand their Magnolia Gardens residence.

Design Challenge

Magnolia Gardens was one of the first residences in the Bria Communities family. Its initial logo design was based on a stained glass artwork of magnolia flowers. The three subsequent residence logos, Sunridge Gardens, The Waterford and The Wexford, were inspired by craft elements combined with nature, and followed a more contemporary design aesthetic. Sitting alongside the three other Bria Communities residence logos, the Magnolia Gardens logo was looking outdated and out of step from the family of brands. It also had too many colours for the new, refined look of the Bria Communities residences.

The new look and feel for the Magnolia Gardens brand had to align visually with the Sunridge Gardens brand, its sister property in Langley, as well as the overall Bria Communities brand. Our collaborative creative process took us down a visual research path, dissecting the asymmetrical shapes of various magnolia flower petals, and the many shades of pink, purple and peach they come in. Considering we started this work in the spring, our research process was timely and inspiring!

Natural Solutions

The design we ultimately landed on reflects an organic feel, with a light, delicate magnolia flower in an organic shape, and a light, peachy colour palette. The new Magnolia Gardens logo was also adapted for the Magnolia Gardens Care Centre, a connected, yet separate, area of the Magnolia Gardens residence. We used the logo on a grey background to help differentiate the Care Centre in the building, without disconnecting it entirely from the parent brand.

The scope of work included delivering brand assets for various print and digital applications, and updating the existing Bria Communities graphic standards package. One of the exciting aspects of this project is seeing the new Magnolia Gardens brand literally come to life, as design elements within the building are currently being adapted to the new brand and colour palette.

Creative Direction: Lisa Hemingway // Lead Designer: Keiko Lee-Hem // Project & Client Management: Madelen Ortega