Dream Rider Theatre Society (Planet Protector Academy)

Planet Protection and Education Platform

Planet Protector Academy (PPA), an educational program designed and produced by DreamRider Productions, blends teacher-led activities with the best of the digital classroom. This interactive education platform actively involves students in concepts around saving energy, alternate modes of transportation and conserving natural resources. A prototype platform was initially used to test the program, but it was slow, clunky to navigate and didn’t communicate the PPA brand personality.

Backyard Creative worked collaboratively with Raised Eyebrow web studio to improve the board game/tech-spy themed interactive platform. With fun video tutorials and characters to work with, we created an exciting interactive interface for teachers to lead students seamlessly through the program. Throughout the design process, we made sure to design pages that load quickly, and that communicate the fun, active personality of the PPA brand.

The PPA platform is a login access website built using Drupal and Backbone JS, and is only available to registered teachers in selected municipalities across BC & Ontario. A peek inside the application is available on the Planet Protector Website.

Client Management, IA & Strategy: Raised Eyebrow Studio Inc.// Programming: Carla Ullrich // Design: Lisa Hemingway // Map illustrations: Vanessa LeBourdais

Planet Protectors (public facing website)