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  • Canadian Retailer Inspires Confidence in Women with a book

Narrative Communications

Canadian Retailer Inspires Confidence in Women with a book

When we met the owners of Melmira, a women’s lingerie and swimwear retailer, they had recently engaged in a story branding process with Megan Sheldon of Narrative Communications, and were looking to create an elegant storybook to capture their clients’ varied life stages. It was important to them that the book go beyond simply being a sales piece—they saw it as an opportunity to celebrate and inspire the feeling of confidence they want women to feel in their store.

In collaboration with Megan and fashion illustrator Marina Billinghurst, we created the concept of wisdom being passed down over time by showing various life stages in backwards chronological order, paired up with powerful statements. Melmira’s consumer base was quite broad, and we helped them focus on some specific milestone stories to tell, such as postpartum underwear shopping, or buying a first bra. Although the storybook shows some product within the chapters, the aim of the book is for readers to focus on themselves, and not to compare their bodies to the media’s version of female perfection.

Postcards were created later on, using featured illustrations from the storybook. The cards were designed for clients to feel inspired, or for them to spread that inspiration to a friend, along with Melmira’s message. We also visualized the company’s manifesto by creating a word-collage illustration, which was displayed as a poster in their store.

Project Management, Writing & Editing: Megan Sheldon // Design & Creative Direction: Lisa Hemingway // Illustration: Marina Billinghurst