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Invasive Species Council of BC

Public Educational Resources for Invasive Species

PlantWise is a program run by the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC), which educates the public around invasive plant species and suggests alternative species to purchase or plant.

Backyard Creative was engaged by ISCBC after their program logo was designed. We worked with the organization to clean up their logo artwork and create an easy-to-use graphics package that aligned with the recently updated ISCBC brand guidelines.

The ISCBC’s “Grow Me Instead” brochure provides detailed information about the top 26 invasive plant species in BC, including what they look like, where they’re found, and what to do with them. Suggested plant replacements are listed in a clear, easy to follow format. Backyard Creative produced a more condensed document format, a folded wallet card, to help consumers identify plants while shopping at their favourite garden centre. Surprisingly, some stores still sell invasive species! We also helped ISCBC produce materials for their retail campaign (piloted in the spring of 2013) which included pot stickers with PlantWise logos highlighting native plants, banners, and posters showcasing the top 26 invasive species.

Design: Lisa Hemingway // Production Design: Grace Cheng