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Translating Complex Data for Youth


Popular Canadian children’s book publisher Annick Press engaged Backyard Creative to design a new book series using a highly-visual infographic design style, to appeal to the eight to 12 year-old market. The intention was to help young readers grasp complex topics quickly, such as the first book’s subject, Native Americans, and to inspire even the reluctant reader to want to learn more.

We started by establishing a mood board to art direct the book, and working with the writers, researchers and editors to identify content that could be presented visually. We also helped to finalize the name for the book series, and created a logo and flexible graphic style that will visually connect all future books.

We worked collaboratively with the client to design a cohesive book with appealing illustrations that both supported the overall content highlights and page layouts, and aligned with the book’s overarching themes. The project was quite a challenge, since there was a lack of comparable Canadian data available, which made the editing team’s job difficult.

In the end, both the publisher and our design team were pleased with the end result. The Big Picture: Native Americans continues to receive positive reviews from the education community.
“… a well-organized visual feast of information …” —Green Teacher, 03/14
“…an amazing amount of information is presented on these 48 pages.” —Canadian Teacher Magazine, 05/13
“… may ultimately be the best thing out on the market today.” —School Library, 05/28/13
“The colorful pictures help to draw children’s interest and they also help reluctant readers access the content.” —The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature, 08/13

Design & Art Direction: Lisa Hemingway // Illustration: Dafne Sagastume

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