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HR Metrics Service website redesign promotes workflow efficiencies


HR Metrics Service is Canada’s leading human resource benchmarking service (previously owned and operated by the Human Resource Management Association). The service demonstrates the value of human resources by measuring and comparing the performance of human capital — which helps companies, and the people who run them, make sense of their numbers.

Backyard Creative designed and produced a responsive website using a content management system that is easy to use, update and navigate. We worked closely with our clients to create a website that would streamline and reduce the website management workload for their small team. Some notable site improvements include adding a completely filterable participants list, FAQs, integrated social media tools, contact forms and impact statements (testimonials), and providing downloadable PDFs so information is easily accessible from any device. Participation sign up increased noticeably post website launch and continues to do so.

We also created custom illustrations, to help communicate the value of the HR Metrics Service throughout the website and on other marketing collateral.

Design & Illustration: Lisa Hemingway // Interactive Strategy & Programming: Carla Ullrich

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