Hidden Track Farm

Making Hidden Track Farm Visible

When we met Erica and Chad, they had just started a farm as a passion project. After a year of trying on different identities, they landed on a name that felt right: Hidden Track Farm. Their business was growing quickly, and they wanted to create professional and consistent branding to market their produce at farmers’ markets, online and gate-front. Beyond just creating a logo, they enlisted our help communicating their vision for the farm – small but professional, doing farming ‘right’, and creating a platform to build from.

The name Hidden Track Farm is connected to the history of the land. Their farm is located at 5987 Oldfield Road on the Saanich Peninsula, where an old Victoria Sidney railway line used to run right behind their property. The train stopped running 100 years ago, but if you know where to look, you can still see the flat-graded area where it ran.

We engaged in a collaborative process with our clients and used inspiration from old railway signage, modern typography and refined line art to create their unique mark. The farm aims to sell everything from flowers to meat. Therefore, our clients wanted to keep the symbolism and design simple, to allow for expansion into a multitude of applications and for flexibility in their product offerings. To support their plans, we chose a black and white colour palette, paired with a materials “palette” of craft paper and wood. We also used free Google fonts so they could activate their brand easily on their own.

We love buying from farms in our local neighbourhoods. We can’t wait to see Hidden Track Farm flourish and become what Erica and Chad ultimately want it to be – a place for connection and education around small-scale farming.


Design & Project Management: Lisa Hemingway