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  • Empowering Youth to Build Healthy Relationships

BC RCMP Crime Prevention Services

Empowering Youth to Build Healthy Relationships

Backyard Creative was engaged by the BC RCMP Crime Prevention Services, in partnership with the BC and Yukon Canadian Red Cross, to write and design a suite of scalable products for an awareness campaign focused on youth healthy relationships. The scope of work included creating content and design for a large-format piece (poster), and two smaller and portable pieces (a bookmark and a tri-fold wallet card).

Design Challenge

Healthy relationships play an important part in preventing youth from making choices that may lead to negative behaviours and criminal activity. Through the healthy relationships products suite, the design challenge was to help youth feel empowered by illustrating what a healthy relationship looks, feels and sounds like, so they could practice their healthy relationship skills.

Our target audience was youth aged 12-16 in grades 7-10. We needed to create a positive, empowering and active personality and tone for the campaign. We learned from our research that the products needed to be light on content and reflect bold visual elements.

Design Solutions

We processed extensive source content provided by the client and narrowed down the messaging to focus on four key relationship themes (consent, support, safety and privacy). We wrote brief, action-focused statements that youth could say to each other to reinforce the positive and negative emotional angles of each theme, along with key campaign messaging. We also came up with a hashtag for the client to promote the campaign through social media.

For our creative approach, we conducted primary research with youth to come up with visuals that would resonate with them and reflect their world. We created fun, original graphics to illustrate each theme area and reinforce the importance of friendship and using technology to stay connected.

Since campaign posters would be displayed on bulletin boards in schools, along with other posted information, we came up with a vivid colour palette so posters would stand out visually and look interesting and appealing. The bookmark and tri-fold card were double-sided to allow for the graphics and phrases on the front and the key messaging on the back, and to maximize the opportunity for youth to carry the messaging with them in a discreet way.

Campaign Success

The youth healthy relationships product suite was focus tested with a panel of youth advisors, which was organized by our client, since they often engage youth in their campaigns. Youth advisors provided great insights and helped us to refine the campaign language and visuals.

Creative Direction: Lisa Hemingway // Graphic Design: Jackie Kelly // Content Development & Project Management: Madelen Ortega