Evergreen, Whistler Centre for Sustainability, SFU Public Square, One Earth Initiative

Green Bloc Neighbourhoods Create Lighter Footprints


To support the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan ‘Lighter Footprint’ goal, SFU Public Square, in partnership with One Earth Initiative, Evergreen Canada and the Whistler Centre for Sustainability, launched Vancouver Green Bloc Neighbourhoods project with the goal to “enable residents to help collectively reduce our community’s environmental impact.”

Backyard Creative worked with this collaborative group of change-makers to create two brands — one for the Green Bloc Neighbourhoods project (SFU Public Square, Evergreen, Whistler Centre for Sustainability) and the other for Lighter Footprint (led by One Earth Initiative). Since Green Bloc is a project within the Lighter Footprint city-wide goal, a website was created to house all initiatives and projects in one place. Though funded, in part, by the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City initiative, both projects have larger goals around helping residents reduce their environmental footprint.

Ease of use was our priority on this project. Branding assets for both brands were designed for in-house marketing teams to use with minimal marketing support. Simple graphic standards and open-source fonts were chosen, to allow for continuity. An existing WordPress template that was built for another One Earth Initiative project, but never used, was repurposed to save on web programming time. Report templates, poster templates and other visual assets were created to help roll out the campaign, to entice neighbourhoods to become a ‘Green Bloc’.

The main Lighter Footprint website was built to allow for quick and easy setup and ongoing maintenance as sub-domains are added (i.e. other projects such as Green Bloc). The main website feature is a digital resource library, complete with a multi-tagged searchable database to build out on key impact themes.

We look forward to watching the impacts of these projects grow, supported by two solid, and strategic brand platforms.


Design: Lisa Hemingway // Programming: Carla Ullrich // Production Design: Keiko Lee-Hem

Green Bloc Neighbourhoods Vancouver