Vericatch Solutions Inc.

Elevating an established seafood industry tech brand


The design challenge

Vericatch is an established seafood industry technology brand. The company creates fish catch reporting and seafood traceability software to help sustainable fisheries with data-driven decision-making. Vericatch produces several software products, each with unique branding, with plans to expand their product offerings. They approached Backyard Creative after seeing the website and brand refinements we produced for SeaChoice.

We began by providing consulting services as they took on important brand strategy work. We then implemented some of our design and communications recommendations. One key goal was to provide Vericatch with the foundational pieces needed to refine and communicate their value proposition and communications. Another goal was to create a framework for brand consistency.

Gathering essential data

To understand Vericatch at a deep level, we first explored the tech brand’s business and industry, target audiences and competitors. Secondly,  we conducted a mini-brand audit. This exercise helped us to see the relationship between all the VeriCatch brands and their online presence.

Our third activity was conducting a virtual discovery session with Vericatch’s executive team. This session provided insights on their current business and communications strategies and challenges. It also outlined where the company wants to be in the future. Exploring brand positioning examples with visuals allowed us to consider the pros and cons of potential approaches together.

From recommendations to actions

After the information gathering phase, we analyzed our research and session outcomes and delivered recommendations. We outlined a clear set of recommendations and the benefits of each. We flagged items they could implement immediately, and actions for the future.

The Vericatch team was pleased with our recommendations. “Everything you laid out was super helpful and clear… we found your report incredibly forthright and helpful,” said Dalal Al-Abdulrazzak, Vericatch’s Business Developer/Chief Science Officer.

As a result of our initial consultation, we created graphic standards for the Vericatch seafood industry tech brand, to guide their expansion. We also refined the company story through a brand promise/mission/vision/values document. Both of these tools now support Vericatch’s growth and provide their brand and communications with the consistency our clients were looking for.

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Creative Direction and Design: Lisa Hemingway // Project Management, Writing and Editing: Madelen Ortega // Production Design: Trina M'Lot