Vancouver Island Expeditions

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When Leif Bogwald decided to launch Vancouver Island Expeditions (VIE), a new company offering curated, eco-sensitive tours of Vancouver Island for small groups, he enlisted the help of Backyard Creative to bring his vision to life with strength and authenticity. Leif is brand-savvy and well travelled, and knows consumer trust is earned by having a professional brand image and strategic messaging — very important elements in the start up phase of any new business.

In collaboration with Narrative Communications, we set out to define why VIE was unique and what their core values were, and to capture a brand narrative that would see them through the start up years and exude confidence in partners and guests alike. Since VIE was just an idea before its launch, this definition process helped to solidify the company’s goals, audience and positioning.

We then created a visual brand to support the narrative platform, primarily targeting an international and European clientele. We worked with local photographers, printers and web developers, since supporting local business is one of VIE’s core values, which the Backyard Creative team shares! We produced user-friendly brand assets, templates, and print collateral before creating a flexible website that will enable the company to grow over the next three years.

A high-quality e-commerce WordPress template was carefully selected as the basis for the website and modified to suit VIE’s needs. As VIE grows, more tour experiences and dates are being added to its schedule all the time. We’re pleased to have provided this values-aligned start-up with a clear sense of identity, the confidence to compete, and the ability to manage its website and tours online. Now it’s time for us to go discover Vancouver Island!

Brand Narrative: Megan Sheldon // Design & Project Management: Lisa Hemingway // Production design: Grace Cheng // Website Development: Melanie Karlik // Copyediting: Mike Muir

Vancouver Island Expeditions