Conference Brand Contributes to Event Success


The BC Human Resources Management Association’s (HRMA) mission is to “keep people first in the decisions of leaders”. One way this non-profit association has consistently delivered on its mission is by producing Western Canada’s largest HR conference for the past 52 years.

Based on the high-level theme for the 2014 conference, “Change Starts Here”, Backyard Creative worked with HRMA’s in-house staff and conference team to brand the event and develop a comprehensive package of materials. The conference package included the event logo, illustrations, print and online advertisements, programs, e-blasts, awards and signage. We also produced a multitude of user-friendly graphic assets for the HRMA’s team to promote the three-day event within internal channels.

Keynote speakers Col. Chris Hadfield, Nilofer Merchant, Dave Ulrich and Shawn Achor all presented on the topics of inner strength and influence. These subjects were visually represented in the event brand with a boldly coloured ripple effect, to reinforce that change starts from within. The ripple effect also provided a flexible visual platform, allowing for brand application on a wide range of media.

Leading up to the event, we had been working on simplifying the event’s brand connection to HRMA’s corporate brand. The conference visuals aligned the 2013 Conference brand and the HRMA brand effortlessly, creating a strong connection and enabling HRMA to take ownership of its widely-popular conference, and ultimately, increase its annual membership.

Photos shared with permission from HRMA.

Design, Art Direction & Project Management: Lisa Hemingway // Design & Layout: Grace Cheng