Expanding and Expressing a New Brand

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CharityVillage called on Backyard Creative to help create and manage their marketing collateral after going through a re-brand process with another firm. Their fresh, new logo was created based on some strong conceptual symbolism: “The hummingbird symbolizes the nonprofit world and the professionals who work in it – busy, industrious, and full of energy and vitality. The hummingbird is also a pollinator. CharityVillage is all about helping good ideas spread, as people share those ideas with others.”

To help communicate and extend their brand concept, we created an illustration, as well as various icons, to tie together the ideas, opportunities and connections that CharityVillage embodies. We also worked to include their new tagline, “Get Change Humming”, into a comprehensive digital asset package filled with tools for CharityVillage staff to roll out the new brand. The package included business cards, brochures, mailing labels, email signatures, letterhead, a digital sales package, social media profiles, a report template and banner designs.


Design & Illustration: Lisa Hemingway / Production Design: Grace Cheng / Editing: Madelen Ortega