Boldt Communications

Catalyzing Affordable Housing

Catalyst Community Development Society partners with non-profit organizations and municipalities to create new affordable rental housing and community spaces, and achieve long-term financial sustainability.

Our client, Boldt Communications, engaged Backyard Creative to help Catalyst tell their story visually. With a unique and progressive business model, we helped illustrate some of the distinguishing features that make this non-profit developer unlike any other—setting up a business that truly addresses the affordable housing crisis.

Using only their logo as a kick-off point for their brand, we recommended a look and feel for the infographics that set the tone for their vision. Infographics are a true combination of content and visual, and we worked collaboratively, in iterative steps with our client, to get to where we landed.

We started with a group brainstorming meeting, where we learned about the challenges they face communicating their business model, and identified which parts of their model they had a hard time explaining. We asked clarifying questions and followed up with some rough sketches on sticky notes, to confirm the general outline and content wireframe. Once the outline was approved, we worked through a few initial design ideas to establish and solidify a look and feel. We then designed a first draft and managed revision rounds collaboratively with the client, who was simultaneously writing content.

We’re proud to have provided Catalyst with an effective visual tool to help tell their story, and look forward to hearing more about their accomplishments in the months and years to come.

Content: Lesli Boldt (in collaboration with Catalyst Developments) // Design & Illustration: Lisa Hemingway // Creative Support: Madelen Ortega & Keiko Lee-Hem