The Nonprofit Centers Network, Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative

Building Opportunities Conference 2015 Branding


Building Opportunities: The Social Purpose Real Estate Conference was held for the first time in Canada from June 1-3, 2015, in Vancouver, BC. This conference was a joint partnership between The Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN) and the Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative (SPRE).

Backyard Creative was asked to establish a new brand image for the conference, to convey the dynamism of this international collaboration using the previously developed conceptual theme of “Connecting Possibilities”.  The main objective of the conference is to bring people together to collaborate and create opportunities. Imagery of people overlaid with an abstract grid illustrated the human connection and piqued the public’s curiosity about the conference, and what could be built as a result. The building blocks in the logo represent modularity and collaboration, and the potential for many “possibilities”. The end result is a versatile logo design, interesting graphic elements, and a fresh colour palette.

We delivered an easy-to-use graphic asset package (logos, and digital assets), along with a postcard design, newsletter banners, digital letterhead and program layout, for the event production team to market the conference.

Design & Creative Direction: Lisa Hemingway // Design & Layout: Caitlin Bauman