It takes a village… to raise a business

As I wind down Backyard Creative (and ramp up our new business iilo Creative Alliance inc.) I’m reflecting on everyone I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with over the years. I feel an immense sense of gratitude for the people who has trusted me to lead them, and have joined me on this journey as I’ve transitioned from a freelancer into a business owner.

Because we are all connected in script lettering with twinkle stars in behind. Graphic free to share from Backyard Creative + iilo Creative Alliance

Happy holidays share graphic to share

As we begin to transition into holiday mode, and wrap up over a decade of work as Backyard Creative (check out this latest blog post for a trip down memory lane), we want to extend our best wishes to you for a restful break.

Image of a chrysalis

When should you rebrand your business?

As a business evolves, sometimes it reaches a point where its brand isn’t working anymore. While there may be various reasons why a brand stops being effective, this is when business owners often start asking themselves, “Should I rebrand my business?”