Trina M’Lot

Graphic Designer

With a passion for design, authenticity, and going beyond the ordinary, Trina brings stories and ideas to life. Trina began her creative career with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in Graphic Design from Vancouver Island University. Having spent years working as a designer in both agency and non-profit settings provided unique experiences on both sides of the spectrum–the tenacity and discipline of working in a fast-paced creative agency, and the importance of relationships and client experience in the non-profit realm.

As a freelance designer, Trina enjoys working together with passionate people to make a positive impact, and is excited to be a part of their story. The natural world plays a significant role in her creativity and design perspective.

What do others say are your super-powers?

Having a unique combination of a deep, introspective perspective combined with a highly articulate and analytical lens.

What is in your backyard?

I’m grateful to step into my backyard and be in the presence of the ocean and forest each day. It’s an extra special day when eagles, seals, bears and elk pass by for a visit.

How are you creative when you’re away from your work?

I see opportunity for creativity and beauty in all aspects of life, from creating forest installations, to beach art, to snow sculptures. I also enjoy experimenting in painting, wood-burning and hand-lettering.


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