Sofia Roberts

Graphic Designer

Sofia is a graduate of the renowned IDEA program at Capilano University and has been working in the graphic design industry for over 10 years. Prior to running her own business, she was a leading employee at St. Bernadine Mission Communications, where she designed, art directed and serviced some of the company’s main accounts. Her work ethic and strong passion for art and design has earned her recognition at top-levels, including the Lotus Awards and Communication Arts.

Design aside, Sofia is a mother of two, likes to keep fit, watch EPL soccer and drink frosty pints with friends and family.

What is in your backyard?

Ocean, mountains, BBQ, slide and sandbox, garden and enough grass to kick a soccer ball around.

How are you creative when you’re away from your work?

Arts and crafts galore with my kids, meals are not ordinary at our household, I like to bring a little creativity and efficiency into EVERYTHING that I do.

If you could only wear one colour for a week what would it be?

BLUE (there’s MANY shades, plus jeans would classify as “blue” right?)


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