Sebastian Abboud

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Sebastian is a freelance designer and illustrator, working for paper and screen in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. He’s experienced working with a wide variety of clients big and small, on a number of diverse projects. Sebastian works part-time as an instructor at VIU, teaching design and illustration courses as part of the Graphic Design department.

He’s an avid daily doodler and often starts his days drawing and making art. He lives and works from his home studio with his lovely wife Maxine.

How are you creative when you’re away from your work?

I create a lot of self-initiated pieces (doodles, art, illustrations). I can’t help it, I love this stuff!

If you could only wear one colour for a week what would it be?

Black. Is that boring? I guess I’m supposed to make art…

How are you active in your community?

I organize the Nanaimo chapter of Draw By Night, a free and open to everyone drawing party. Teaching at VIU keeps me connected to the design community and I also volunteer with pro-bono initiatives, such as Nanaimo Heritage Days.


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