Lisa Hemingway

Creative Consultant & Director

Growing up in BC, Lisa’s curiosity was fuelled by an appreciation for the outdoors, which allowed her the space for her imagination to grow. After studying Fine Arts, Lisa continued onto Emily Carr University where she discovered the world of communications design—a place where her inquisitive nature and creative vision work together to produce practical solutions.

Lisa’s diverse background ranges from teaching Design for Sustainability at a local college, working within the publishing and natural/organic food industries to collaborating with sustainability consultants. She applies her creative insights and experiences while leading the team at Backyard Creative to meet a wide range of client needs.

What do others say are your super-powers?

I see the connections between people (and concepts) easily. Others know me to be detail oriented and a great listener.

What is in your backyard?

For the first time in a very long time, I actually have a backyard. We moved to Vancouver Island a few years ago and love spending time in our garden, under the fruit trees and chatting with the neighbours.

How are you creative when you’re away from your work?

I love to work on projects using repurposed materials and drawing freely with my kids on our kitchen chalkboard wall.


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