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What’s next for Backyard Creative as an impact business?

Over the last year as we’ve been navigating our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve also recommitted to our vision of building a creative impact business. Our values have been our main motivator from day one. Formalizing this commitment and becoming a Certified B Corporation (B Corp) has always felt like the next natural step. We love B Lab and their commitment to making impact-driven businesses the norm, not the exception. 

Becoming a B corp certified impact business

2020 was our year to join the movement! We began the B Corp certification process by taking the Getting to 80 workshop with the smart, inspiring & fearless ladies at Decade Impact (yes, we’re super-fans!)

The six-day workshop, split into bi-weekly, all-day sessions, takes business owners through the ins-and-outs of becoming a B Corp. Each session dives deep into creating an impact business model and using the B Corp Assessment tool to gauge where a business is at. The goal is to identify the steps to reach the minimum 80 points required for certification. 

We learned a ton, had a lot of a-ha moments, and got so much more out of the workshop than we expected, including a new set of friends/colleagues!

Workshop takeaways

  • There’s power in numbers! We worked in a virtual cohort with teams from three other female-owned businesses (a.k.a. The Lady Group!) Sharing stories, insights and ideas was so much more enriching, helpful and fun than working through certification on our own. Best of all, our cohort continues supporting each other post-workshop. We aim to keep learning, growing and refining our businesses, together. 
  • Operationalizing our values brings them to life: B Corp certification analyzes what you’ve done so far to run an impact business. It’s not about what you intend to do. Documenting our good intentions and ethical practices through policies and procedures helps our values come alive. It also embeds them formally across our business. 
  • Refine, refine, refine: The workshop considers the ethical impact of every aspect of a business. This includes governance, workers, supply chain and communications. While it was encouraging to confirm that we’ve nurtured all areas of Backyard Creative and have good processes in place, we did identify some areas that need work. Keeping in mind one of our key workshop mantras, “Done is better than perfect”, we’re committed to addressing the gaps and continuously refining and improving how we do basically everything! 

Becoming a B Corp can take some time, since a lot of groundwork needs to be done to ensure a business is ready. We’re deep in the weeds of our to-do list and have “gotten to 80” (woot!) We’re planning to submit our certification application later this year. More on that soon!  

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