Earth Day 2021: 3 ways to show Earth some love

Earth Day 2021 is upon us. Of course, every day is earth day but April 22nd is an opportunity for us to make a more conscious effort. Even though larger events won’t be available to us this year, there are still lots of ways to help our planet and forge some new earth-friendly habits. Here are just three ways to have some fun while showing mother earth some love!

Clean out your fridge

Did you know that in Canada, 58% of food gets thrown away during its journey through the food chain? We’ve all done it, over-purchased for a big meal or new recipe, only to throw out the wrinkly veggies left in the crisper a week later. But you would be amazed at what delicious meals you can create with the scraps in your fridge. In fact, IKEA has even published a 111 page recipe book for using food scraps! Why not try their “forgotten vegetable stew”? It’s gluten friendly and vegan (an extra added bonus for the planet).

Get competitive

Keeping safety in mind, get out of the house and spend some quality time in the fresh air. As you walk or run around, pick up a piece of garbage. Make sure you wear your reusable mask and don a pair of gardening gloves (better yet, bring a claw). For those competitive families (I see you!), a friendly little contest to see who can collect the most could be just the ticket for beating the boredom of being stuck at home all day, every day.

Start a vegetable garden

What a great way to reduce emissions and enjoy fresh, organic food than to grow it yourself? After all, it doesn’t get more local than your own backyard or balcony! There’s plenty of foods you can even regrow from scraps (any that don’t become soup first). And don’t forget to plant a few bee-friendly plants to encourage pollination.

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