Krisztina Kun

Collaborator Profile: Krisztina Kun

This month we’re featuring Krisztina, the newest collaborator at Backyard Creative. We’re thrilled and super grateful to have her on our team, sharing her web development talents with us.

Krisztina and Backyard Creative’s owner Lisa met serendipitously through a mutual client, Nestworks. Krisztina has been wanting to work with teams on bigger projects for a while. Given our values alignment and desire to serve progressive organizations and changemakers, the Backyard Creative team is a great fit! 

About Krisztina 

Krisztina has an interesting family history which has shaped her life and career. She’s Hungarian from Romania, and her family came to Canada as refugees in the early 1980s when she was three. They escaped Romania during a time of turmoil and harsh conditions in Eastern Europe. They landed in Hamilton, outside of Toronto, where she grew up.

Her experience as an immigrant and her new life in Canada led her to feel like an insider/outsider for much of her life. It also drew her to social justice work from a young age. She grew up watching her dad fix all kinds of machinery, so she has always been interested in technology and not afraid of tinkering. 

Krisztina and her partner
Krisztina and her partner living the beach life

Krisztina’s unique career path

Krisztina made another life-defining move when she came to the West Coast to study English and Women’s Studies at the University of Victoria. She naturally gravitated towards communication, creativity and technology within social justice spaces, and her career path started coming together. In university, she volunteered with the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG), where she learned activist organizing and ended up as a staff member for over a decade. 

Krisztina Kun Cathedral Grove
Krisztina enjoying nature in Cathedral Grove, BC

Krisztina is a mostly self-taught web designer who learned HTML before there was CSS. She played around with WordPress in the mid-2000s, when it was more of a blogging platform. Her experience and skills led her to graphic design and she worked as a designer for the Vancouver Public Library for a while, where she took design classes in her off time. 

She started Kun Studios in 2010 and noticed there was more demand for websites than print design, so she went back to playing around with coding. She went to a developer bootcamp in 2014 to solidify her skills, and has been making websites for progressive organizations ever since. 

Staying connected and inspired

Self-awareness and expression play a big role in Krisztina’s life. She practices somatic yoga and has journalled since she was about 10 years old. She took a photo a day for five years and still documents her life through photography. Her strong relationship with herself helps her to connect and share with others. She’s great at talking about unspoken dynamics, making spaces inviting and helping people feel welcome and included.

Krisztina Kun on Mount Baker
Taking a rest (and taking in the view) after hiking up to a fire tower on Mount Baker, Washington State

To stay creative and inspired, Krisztina takes full advantage of her (enviable) West Coast life. She loves riding her bike to the ocean and parks to drink coffee and read (she always has a few books on the go), travelling, hiking and cooking. 

This profile has been a great way for us to learn more about Krisztina. We look forward to the many successful collaborations ahead!

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