Inspired Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude

This holiday season we’re working on creating an attitude of gratitude.

We believe, by focusing on what we appreciate, we can shift moods and attitude towards life in general, which feels like a necessary skill in this ever-challenging year. We asked our collaborators to share what they are feeling grateful for these days:

Madelen is feeling super appreciative of science and technology

“Where would we all be without the internet and our online work tools, and platforms that allowed our kiddos to learn from home in the spring? Or even Netflix and our social platforms? They’ve allowed us to stay connected, engaged and mentally healthy. It’s also mind-boggling to me how quickly scientists have been able to learn about the virus, explore different treatments and develop multiple vaccines in only 10 months! What an amazing time we live in.”

Keiko is grateful for hard-working, committed teachers

“While I’m at my desk working, my son spends his days at a wonderful school where everyone is working so hard to create a positive, nurturing and safe environment for growth and learning. I’m especially grateful for his teacher, Ms. C, who is so full of positivity, grounded-ness and creativity, and who takes them outside to learn, explore and play in nature every day!”

Sarita is really appreciating outdoor spaces

“I’m grateful for public open outdoor spaces to be physical and play in safely. Moving my body and doing the outdoor activities I love is a great antidote to the social isolation I am feeling not being able to visit and play with friends and family as much as I’m used to.”

Lisa is feeling grateful for supportive community groups

“This year I had the chance to be a part of Seeking Ceremony‘s inaugural retreat which was followed by a full year of support in creating daily ceremony and personal rituals. I had no idea how timely this would be when founder, Megan Sheldon, invited me to this January retreat. Having this supportive group “around” me during this unsettling year has been invaluable.”

Some simple ways to create an attitude of gratitude:

  • Create a daily gratitude practise to simply ask yourself what you’re appreciating (a good one to do with kids also)
  • Make time for inner work, meditation or yoga (Sarita has free downloadable classes from her yoga studio, Wild Onion Yoga)  
  • Share this idea along with something you’re grateful for — download our graphic and share it with your networks

How do you create an attitude of gratitude? We’d love to hear from you.