7 ways for 7 days: shift your shopping to local

Buying local creates 4.6x more impact

As a member of LOCO BC since its inception 10 years ago, I always get a little excited when Buy Local Week comes along the first week of December.

This year, I had the pleasure of collaborating with LOCO BC Director Amy Robinson to create social media graphics and infographics for their BC Buy Local Week campaign, 7 Ways to Buy Local for 7 days.

Building on the infographics we designed for LOCO BC in 2013, we created more sharable graphics this year to highlight key facts from their most recent study. The data shows that local businesses create 4.6x more impact compared to multinational companies–a pretty compelling reason to shop local.

A 10% shift to local creates big impacts - LOCO BC 2019

LOCO BC notes that if everyone shifted just 10% of their spending to a local business, or purchased a locally grown or made product, we’d generate more than 14,000 jobs and keep $4.3 billion in the BC economy.

Local businesses create 4.6 x more impact - LOCO BC 2019

Local businesses recirculate $63 out of every $100 spent back into the local economy (compared to only $14 by multinationals). To become a member of LOCO BC, or to download sharable graphics to participate in Buy Local Week, visit BCBuyLocal.com. Join us in keeping it local this holiday season!