Support BC Buy Local Week!

We love supporting local businesses in our own backyard (pun intended!) especially during the holidays. Get an early start on holiday shopping and put your money to good use during BC Buy Local Week, taking place from November 27 to December 3.

Did you know that during the holidays, the average Canadian spends about $1,500 on travel, food, drinks and gifts? BC Buy Local Week encourages consumers to shift at least one per cent of that spending – just $15 – to a local business, or a local grown or local made product. If all consumers make a one per cent shift, it creates 3,100 jobs and sends $94 million in wages to BC workers.

We’ve been members of LOCO BC, the organization behind BC Buy Local Week, since its launch in 2009. We’ve helped LOCO BC promote its “buy local” message via a popular infographic we designed that we still see posted in stores and co-ops all across the province–a proud moment for us every time.

How can you get involved? Check out 7 easy ways to buy local this week, and throughout the holidays.

  1. Buy Local Online: Make some online purchases from local webstores
  2. Buy Local Ingredients: Look for a BC address or the pink #BCBuyLocal sticker on local products
  3. Frequent Local Eateries: Organize your holiday parties or gatherings at local restaurants
  4. Buy Local Beer: Impress your friends and family with the unique taste of BC’s 140+ craft breweries
  5. Buy BC Wines: Head to the BC section at your local liquor store or private wine store and support the 340+ wineries and ~1,000 vineyards in BC, or buy directly from the winery if you can
  6. Visit Craft Fairs and Farmer Markets: Eliminate the retailer and get your gifts and holiday foods directly from your local artisans, growers and producers
  7. Visit your BIA or Chamber: Business Improvement areas (BIAs) and Chambers work to create vibrant downtowns, main streets and commercial districts to promote local businesses and draw customers. Support their work by avoiding the mall and exploring the unique local shops, products and services in your area, or dropping by your local BIA or Chamber office

Get more in-depth tips and learn more about buying local today. Happy shopping!