Pecha Kucha Nanaimo

In the midst of ramping up heading back to work after taking a mat leave, I was asked by a fellow collaborator, Jackie Kelly, to present at Pecha Kucha Night Nanaimo early in 2016. If you’ve not yet heard of Pecha Kucha, the basic premise is to switch up the presentation style by challenging presenters to adhere to the 20 slides for 20 seconds each format (20×20).

I was initially a little terrified to think about what I would share as I don’t often speak at public events, but as I had recently had a rare chance to take a step back conceptually from my business with my maternity leave, it was perfect timing to reflect on what was working so well for me in my business. I decided to share about what I called “designing personal sustainability”. I was honoured when my talk became the presentation of the day internationally!

Feel free to view the recorded talk here

How I design my own personal sustainability:

  1. Prioritize self-care — you are no good to anyone, let alone the world, if you don’t take care of yourself.
  2. Focus your time doing things that align with your values — remember, busy doesn’t mean happy
  3. Ask for help, even if it doesn’t feel necessary
  4. Understand change is constant and balance is a journey
  5. Stay connected with people in real life (IRL)
  6. Get outside every day — nature is wonderfully meditative and relaxing
  7. Eat three times a day. Seriously. I need to remind myself of this.
  8. Remember to ask myself “What do I need right now?”
  9. Know what keeps you creatively fuelled, and put those things into your calendar before client work.
  10. Time blocking — schedule in chunks of time for all areas of your life, starting with self-care.
  11. Define success for yourself and revisit this annually (i.e. BEACH)
  12. Take (real) breaks often — burnout is not productive
  13. Be a great boss… to yourself
  14. Make a standing date with “someone interesting” to leave room for meeting new people in your community
  15. Trust you’re a part of something bigger than yourself
  16. Say thank you often

How do you sustain yourself personally and professionally? I’d love to hear more! Get in touch.