Lisa and Madelen, Vancouver September 2017

Madelen Ortega Makes Work Flow Easily at Backyard Creative

I’m happy to announce that my long-time collaborator and friend, Madelen Ortega, is taking on the ongoing role of Operations Director for Backyard Creative.

Working from Edmonton, Madelen is leading all operations and refining our systems, processes and virtual collaboration strategies, supporting us with HR and team management, and generally applying her varied experience to help us run and grow our business.

Madelen is no stranger to Backyard Creative. She has been our supporter, champion and collaborator since the early days, helping me informally to set up our processes as we got up and running. She has also worked on several client projects over the years, acting as the project manager and leading the client relationship in some cases so the rest of the team can focus on the creative development and design work.

Madelen is my go-to when I need clarity or objective insights. I call on her regularly to act as a sounding board or provide quality assurance on client projects.

While Madelen will continue working as a project manager on client engagements, we’re thrilled to have her more involved on the business side of Backyard Creative, which allows us to expand our capacity and take on more exciting projects. Not only is Madelen great at what she does, but she’s also passionate about using our collective skills to help change-makers activate their ideas.

Excited about working with Madelen and the rest of our exceptional team? Get in touch with us today!