Jackie Duys-Kelly

Designer & Creative Facilitator

Big hearted problem solver and expert navigator of visual communications and creative culture cultivation. Jackie is the Co-Founder of the Nanaimo Design Nerds and a certified Graphic Designer with the Graphic Designers Society of Canada. As a University instructor, the PechaKucha Night Nanaimo City Organizer, a Yogi, and a Mother – with over 12 years of design industry experience, Jackie is a practitioner of design thinking in every aspect of life.

Coming from a diverse international background in advertising and design, Jackie expertly navigates the process and production of all forms of visual communications. Utilizing clear and concise design methodology through an intuitive, human centered approach, she is committed to distinction at all stages of the creative practice, to produce effective and meaningful outcomes.

What do others say are your super-powers?

Perceptive Listener & Keen Collaborator

What is in your backyard?

Literally: lots of delightful mature plants and trees I yearn to spend more time with. Figuratively: A community of bright minds and big hearts.

If you could only wear one colour for a week what would it be?

Deep purple


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