Backyard Creative is a small graphic design shop operating on the inherent belief that high-quality design can effect positive change in our communities.

Backyard Creative was established in 2007 in Vancouver BC by Lisa Hemingway, a seasoned creative strategist and graphic designer. We believe good design not only communicates efficiently and embodies the craft of design, but also considers its environmental, social, economic and cultural impacts (otherwise known as the 4-pillars of sustainability). As localists, we believe change starts in your own “backyard”.

We’d like to say we can do it all, but the reality is, we love our lives too! To work at a sustainable pace, we call on our diverse network of talented collaborators to form project teams to meet specific client needs, as needed.


Backyard Creative’s Focus (AKA “Ethical Filter”)

To stay focused on what matters most, we have expanded on our definition of “sustainability” and the core values that keep us motivated:

  • Authenticity

    We believe in communicating transparently in our business, and in creating design that communicates genuine messages—no greenwashing or shallow sales pitches. We work with individuals and companies who honestly want to improve people’s lives.

  • Community

    It excites us to contribute to our local community. By keeping our work local, we feel and see the benefits of our efforts. We love connecting people and take pride in building upon our own networks. We look for opportunities to empower others to expand their own sense of community, and truly believe in ‘people power’ to make change happen.

  • Nature

    We are Canadian and embrace the place we live, and enjoy travelling to help us understand our place in the world. In true West Coast style, we’re inspired by the balance within nature, and similarly value balance in our personal lives. As such, projects focused on environmental conservation and education are of particular interest to us.

  • Innovation

    We enjoy the challenge of using our imaginations to visually translate and communicate new ideas. Exploring both the big picture and the small details, and the “why” behind our projects, gets us excited about working through design problems. Who knows where we’ll end up creatively? And what sustainability issues we could contribute to? It’s an exciting time to be in design.